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Based on 70 reviews
Does what it says.

We've had it for about a month now. It works great. It does exactly what it says it's supposed to do. If I had to make the purchase again I would.

absolutely love this feeder!

Works really well! In a multicat house with 1 cat who likes to eat everyone else's food, this is a godsend to help keep his weight down and keep the weight on the others! Had a slight wiring issue to, so the feeder would suddenly turn off unpredictably. Customer service is great and they quickly sent me a replacement cord to see if that solved the problem (it seems to have)! Highly recommend this feeder!

works great!

Had to get 3 extra tags. Easy to set up, and lets the cats who are supposed get access to their food and keep the other out!

Multi animals, one solution

We have a very fat cat that is always going after the dogs food. This solved the biggest issue! He still gets dog food but a lot less and he has to work around the eating dogs. He only gets the crumbs.
Eventually we will buy one for him, but this works wonders!

Great product. I have three dogs and one with a weight problem.
I put the fob on the heavy dog and it solved having to be around while the others ate. The food is always available to the two dogs and the door closes when the heavy dog approaches. Works great!

Just throw money at the problem

My cat has had a lot of issues stealing food and it used to cause me undue amounts of stress. With a little chip on his collar, I never have to worry about this anymore. The auto feeders are super easy to set up and incredibly high quality. If your cat is like mine and separate monitored meals times for all your pets is not a feasible option, just throw a little money at the problem and watch it go away. It's worth it.

This feeder is great for anyone with multiple pets!!!

We bought three PortionPro Rx feeders for our three cats since they are very different in their eating habits. While one likes to come and go as she eats and maintains a healthy weight, the other two would scarf down food until they were stuffed. This is the only feeder that portions their food and keeps it away from the other cats. One of our cats has recently changed to a special diet, so these feeders have been a lifesaver. Our two chubby cats have also lost some weight which was greatly needed. This has been a great investment and taken a lot of stress off of us as well.

We purchased two feeders. They are working beautifully to control our cats' portions and keep the dogs out of the cat food!

Easy to replace!

I am so grateful the tags are so easily replaceable. Got mine in the mail with an instruction sheet (SO helpful) and quickly linked up. I think it was harder getting the collar back on my cat.

Intruder Mode!!

We have one cat that likes to eat slowly, and another cat that inhales his food, is constantly hungry, and is known to tackle the automatic feeder just to make one more piece of food come out. We thought our days of automatic feeder goodness were over until we got the PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder. Intruder mode is brilliant!! Also known as "open mode", this means the food is freely available to the slow eating cat whenever he wants, but the door closes over the food whenever Tackle McHungryface comes around. Eating time is so much more pleasant now! The hungry cat has stopped bothering with the PortionProRx feeder because he can never get any food from it. The slow-eating cat is also timid, and it did take a little while to get him adjusted to the new feeder and the door open/close noise. But, because the door closes before the food moves from the hopper into the bowl, he now associates that sound with getting fed, so now he runs to it instead of away from it. This feeder is wonderful and totally worth the price. The common wisdom with automatic feeders is that the cheap ones break, so you end up paying for the expensive one anyway. This machine is super sturdy, easy to program, and worth every penny!

Great Product!

This is an awesome product that really helps to make your life easier.

Great customer service

I had one of Tags that came with the feeder go bad after maybe 4 months. So I contacted them and they took care of me because they are supposed to last around a year. Whenever I've had questions of any sort they answer quickly and solve the problem.

Owner of 3 units

Really like the feeders... stops the fat cats from over eating and helps the two cats that are prone to UTI stay on the food they are supposed to eat. We have another cat without a collar that wanders and eats a bit of whatever is available. Only concern is start them with less food than you think they eat so that the machine does not go into error mode if there is still food in tray. It can overfill tray and go into error mode. We have two cats per feeder and they share 1 1/8 cups per day. This doesn't seem like much but they are maintaining weight. One fat cat is slowly getting down to a healthier size.

Pleased with purchase

I am very pleased with the design and function of the unit. It has been working flawlessly for the past two months and had made it easy to make sure our cat gets regular and measured food to maintain weight. Great product. Glad we found it.

Great product! avoid cats vomiting and food bullying between 2 cats

We have 2 cats at home. One is very crazy about food and the other one is not that interested in food. We bought one feeder last year to prevent the crazy one stealing food from the other one. The feeder works great so we bought another one this year so that both of our cats are fed on schedule when we are traveling. Feeding them 6 times a day avoid vomiting due to rapid eating with empty stomach. Already recommend to several friends about this feeder.

Love having spares!

I purchased extra bowls, along with an extra belt and food bin. Makes life extremely easy to be able to swap out clean parts, and wash the empties when I have a few minutes. Well worth it.

Feeder Review

Due to a medical issue more urgent than weight loss and requiring special food at this time, we can't tell yet if the feeder will help with weight loss which was the main reason we purchased the unit. Looking forward to resolving this issue and getting Jack on the correct food and then to a steady weight loss with the multiple automatic feedings. The timed feedings are great when we are not able to be home on time. The door opening and closing is a bit louder than we would like and sometimes spooks the cat if he is near it. The unit is much sturdier than other units we reviewed.

We now have 2 of these feeders for our 2 fabulous felines ... who gained a tremendous amount of weight under the unwatchful eye of a cat/house sitter while we were on an 5-week cruise last Oct/Nov. We all suffered through various units and foods until we discovered portionproRX feeders. Our indoor cats never wore collars so it took a couple of weeks to get comfortable with the collars & tags. Once their reticence & discomfort was under control, all our lives turned around miraculously. We’ve just returned from another 4-week cruise ... units worked beautifully... cats & sitter happy!!!! We can not recommend this product highly enough. Stick with the training program... you and your pets WILL get through it!!!! One more thing ... if using multiple units, place them in separate locations.

RFID Tag Review

Tag works as it should to close/open the feeded as needed. Felt like the battery life was short on the initial tag we received.

Wonderful Product

This feeder was recommended by my vet as one of my cats was a grazer and the other would eat his food. With this system it helped the one underweight kitty gain a little weight and the other have a healthy not over weight body. The main thing was that although I am not typically a "free feeder" the one cat needed to gain some weight and eat whenever he wanted so that was the main reason I bought the unit so that at night the skinny cat could get some food. Also if you have any questions or need assistance with the feeder the company has very nice helpful people in customer service!

An absolutely amazing product with service that’s truly unmatched.

An absolutely amazing product with service that’s truly unmatched. There is simply no reason not to buy the portionpro rx.

For Beanie who likes to “graze” rather than eat all at once & goes from Kitty Jeckle to Kitty Hyde if he doesn’t have access to his food, portionpro rx has been a miracle. He’s now happy & loving 24/7. Mr Waggles & Kailash can no longer steal Beanie’s food. And fatty Kailash is slowly shedding her excess weight; she’s now more active & affectionate. That makes for a healthier Kitty with less visits to the vet.

Dr Hexter - part of the executive team - & his wife Kim, along with Warren in marketing & support, give new meaning to customer service. How about they literally drop everything to immediately address your needs/concerns.
Just stop hesitating and buy this fantastic product.

Very happy & glad I purchased this

During the time I've owned it, approx 7 months. I've only had a few issues but customer service has been great. I hope it will continue working for many more years to come.

Very happy with PortionPro!

Our girl lost weight and she is not chubby anymore!

Awesome Products. Awesome Customer Service.

The PortionPro feeder has changed my life (really!) It's wonderful to be able to have one less thing to worry about every day - my cat is on a great feeding schedule and never has to wait for me to get home late at night to eat. Plus, I have it set to divide his daily cup into four different feedings which has made him think he's eating more and doesn't act like he's starving as much. My cat is very mischievous and has put this feeder through extreme testing - has lost 2 tags within a few months and customer service is very prompt in answering my emails and always overly helpful. I've tried many other feeders that had 5 star ratings before and he figured out how to get the food to come out or break it within a week or so. We've had this feeder for over 6 months now and it works like a charm still! LOVE this machine.

Ideal Solution For Overweight Cats

I have 2 cats with completely different styles when it comes to feeding. Mooch, who was 19 pounds, will eat anything and everything all the time. Cookie, who was 14 pounds, is more of a grazer. If I fed them at the same time, there would always be food left over in Cookie's bowl which Mooch would eat unless I was standing there. We wound up buying 2 of these feeders, one for each cat. They drop food 6 times a day ( every 4 hours). The cats became accustomed to the feeders very quickly and listen for the food to drop. Small amounts every 4 hours has worked well and they have already started losing weight. We can now actually leave for a weekend and not worry about feeding the cats. I feel the price was reasonable for what these feeders do and have been very happy with them. They fill a niche particularly if you have a busy lifestyle.