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Wonderful Product

This feeder was recommended by my vet as one of my cats was a grazer and the other would eat his food. With this system it helped the one underweight kitty gain a little weight and the other have a healthy not over weight body. The main thing was that although I am not typically a "free feeder" the one cat needed to gain some weight and eat whenever he wanted so that was the main reason I bought the unit so that at night the skinny cat could get some food. Also if you have any questions or need assistance with the feeder the company has very nice helpful people in customer service!

An absolutely amazing product with service that’s truly unmatched.

An absolutely amazing product with service that’s truly unmatched. There is simply no reason not to buy the portionpro rx.

For Beanie who likes to “graze” rather than eat all at once & goes from Kitty Jeckle to Kitty Hyde if he doesn’t have access to his food, portionpro rx has been a miracle. He’s now happy & loving 24/7. Mr Waggles & Kailash can no longer steal Beanie’s food. And fatty Kailash is slowly shedding her excess weight; she’s now more active & affectionate. That makes for a healthier Kitty with less visits to the vet.

Dr Hexter - part of the executive team - & his wife Kim, along with Warren in marketing & support, give new meaning to customer service. How about they literally drop everything to immediately address your needs/concerns.
Just stop hesitating and buy this fantastic product.

Very happy & glad I purchased this

During the time I've owned it, approx 7 months. I've only had a few issues but customer service has been great. I hope it will continue working for many more years to come.

Very happy with PortionPro!

Our girl lost weight and she is not chubby anymore!

Portion pro

We love our portion pro. The only thing I don’t like is not being able to only have one feeding a day. Our older cat who uses it, never finishes both portions, so I have to remove some every day to keep it from over filling. He would be fine with 1 half cup serving a day. Maybe give that option in the future.

Bryan Dansdill

Good product; however...

This is a good quality product; however, it is way overpriced for the value. My son and I have two cats; one likes to nibble every now and then and the other loves to break into wherever food may be and eat until he is sick.

In my opinion the cost of these feeders is outrageous and I consider it to be price gouging. I did contact the company to see if I could get a decent discount because I had to purchase two, but they wouldn't give me one. I ended up spending over $400 for two feeders so that my cats can get fed properly.
The tags are quite heavy and bulky and with the overeater cat it clunks loudly on the dish when he is eating. My little girl kitty doesn't clunk her tag when she eats but it does seem cumbersome for her to wear because she is much smaller than my other cat who can handle the extra weight.

I had my son set the feeders to stay open unless the wrong kitty comes to close to the wrong feeder and that seems to be working well.

When I first got these the noise from the motor when the dish opens would scare my little girl and she would run away and not eat. My male kitty would get startled, but once he figured out there was food there he took right to it. He likes to try to fool my little girl's dish into giving him food but has almost figured out that it will never happen.

I have an island in my kitchen and have put one on either side of the ends of it and that is working well. My little girl has become less stressed about eating now that she knows she can eat anytime she wants too without my little boy kicking her out of her dish and he is now getting down to a manageable weight so he is healthier.

If I didn't have an urgent need to purchase these and they were both nibblers, I would have gone with a different auto feeder because of the price. They are made well but not worth the cost they are charging.

Awesome Products. Awesome Customer Service.

The PortionPro feeder has changed my life (really!) It's wonderful to be able to have one less thing to worry about every day - my cat is on a great feeding schedule and never has to wait for me to get home late at night to eat. Plus, I have it set to divide his daily cup into four different feedings which has made him think he's eating more and doesn't act like he's starving as much. My cat is very mischievous and has put this feeder through extreme testing - has lost 2 tags within a few months and customer service is very prompt in answering my emails and always overly helpful. I've tried many other feeders that had 5 star ratings before and he figured out how to get the food to come out or break it within a week or so. We've had this feeder for over 6 months now and it works like a charm still! LOVE this machine.

Ideal Solution For Overweight Cats

I have 2 cats with completely different styles when it comes to feeding. Mooch, who was 19 pounds, will eat anything and everything all the time. Cookie, who was 14 pounds, is more of a grazer. If I fed them at the same time, there would always be food left over in Cookie's bowl which Mooch would eat unless I was standing there. We wound up buying 2 of these feeders, one for each cat. They drop food 6 times a day ( every 4 hours). The cats became accustomed to the feeders very quickly and listen for the food to drop. Small amounts every 4 hours has worked well and they have already started losing weight. We can now actually leave for a weekend and not worry about feeding the cats. I feel the price was reasonable for what these feeders do and have been very happy with them. They fill a niche particularly if you have a busy lifestyle.

working great. we love them.

Stress reliever

I ordered the PortionPro Rx because one of my two cats became very ill. As he lost weight, the other cat became overweight by eating his food. When he was given an expensive prescription food diet, the other cat was very persistent in trying to eat it. It was stressful to monitor feeding in order to chase away my heavier kitty as my sick kitty slowly ate each meal. I had resorted to locking the healthy cat up during meals, which made me feel terrible.
Now that I have two PortionPro Rx devices, both cats can move freely at feeding time, and I am free from monitoring duty. This has made a huge difference, especially in the morning, when I am getting ready for work. My sick cat is starting to get well and his appetite is improving. It has been gratifying to slowly increase the daily amount of food he is offered on the device. I like knowing how much he has eaten, as well as the guarantee that it was he that ate the food, not his hungry friend. This amazing feeder has made a very stressful situation far less stressful for me. I believe it has also played an important role in helping my sick cat feel better, in addition to managing the weight of my heavier cat. I couldn’t be happier with the PortionPro Rx!

Bulky Tags

The tags are pretty bulky on my cats. It hangs pretty low also and so when they eat out of the feeder it bangs against it which scares them. The feeder itself does what it’s supposed to though and it’s great since they have to be on different diets

A Game Changer

My cat, Sophie, is an overweight 3 year old FS DSH that has a food stealing problem. She is on a prescription diet and still struggles to lose weight because she is such a scrounge. I have attempted to use a different automatic feeder in the past, but she eventually caught on to the fact that she could slip her paw up into the dispenser and steal as many kibbles as she pleased. The PortionPro is a game changer, and she can no longer steal as much as kibble as she wants. She can get 1 kibble at most, but then the door shuts on her and she sits there with a defeated look. I'm happy to say that I am a very pleased cat mom/vet tech and highly recommend this product to people with pets like my Sophie.

Also, I would like to warn potential buyers that this is a pretty loud feeder when the door shuts and closes, so it can potentially scare very skittish pets, but I feel that they will eventually get used to it. Sophie was terrified at first, but then realized it gave her food so she eventually got used to the loud noises.

Furthermore, the door will open and close whenever the designated pet is near it, so it can get pretty annoying if the feeder is by a water bowl and the pet is just passing by for a drink. I suggest placing the feeder away from areas that the pet frequents (i.e. water bowl or cat tree) so you don't have to constantly hear the door open and close. Otherwise, this is a fantastic product for busy pet parents with pets that need to be fed throughout the day.

Thank you so much for this review! As a note you may want to try using open mode with your feeder if the noise is a problem. With open mode the door only closes when an unapproved pet is approaching or briefly at mealtimes while dispensing. This will minimize the noise.
So far, so good!

We have 3 cats and 2 of them would never stop eating. After purchasing the Portion Pro, we can at least keep them out of the skinny cats food. It’s working great so far.

Great feeder!

This feeder does exactly what it's suppose to do! It allows one of my cats to always have access to her food without her brother constantly eating everything. Occasionally, as the male cat sits near the PortionPro RX, the door will briefly & part way (~25%) open. I discovered this is a built in safety feature to prevent an unapproved animals tag from getting trapped by the door. This is a neat feature that hadn’t even occurred to me to be a potential problem. Overall, I'm very happy with this feeder & fully recommend it to others!

Fantastic product!

We purchased two of these for our two dogs. I have been extremely impressed with the accuracy of the portions as well as the closure of the bowl from the wrong dog coming near. We have it in open mode and it closes when the other dog comes around. It's working great!


My skinny cat who prefers to free feed can finally eat normally, while the fat one is beginning to lose weight!

Great feeder

I bought 2 these for my 3 cats & set them for 6 meals/day at the same times. 2 cats eat the same amount so I assigned them to 1 feeder & the other cat to his own. I was concerned this wouldn't work very well but now that it has been a month, it seems to be working well. It took about 1 week for them to get used to them. The first time they hissed & ran from it when the door opened now they run to it when they hear food dispensed. I would've bought 3 but they are pricey. I bought these because they are the only ones on the market that holds a lot of food & can divide the daily meal into 2-6 feedings. I am very happy with how they are working. Sometimes once an unassigned cat goes to the wrong feeder, it will take a little longer than I think it should to open again for the assigned cat. The only things that would make this feeder better would be a battery backup for loss of power & tags that wouldn't need replaced every year. I am concerned the tags will stop working when we are gone so would be nice it there was an indicator when they are getting low. Other than that, I am very happy so far with the feeders & may at some time order a third.

Great Product

I have three cats that eat different food and are different sizes. These machines are great. It did not take long to train the cats to use them and they all know which one is theirs. However, I do wish they were a little quieter.

They work great

To loud

I like that there is special access to the food. It will work perfect when I get my dog. The one thing is that the door is very loud. It scares my cats to where they do not want to go near it. I have to constantly on the open setting right now because it is just them. But when i get my dog it’ll have to be on the closed setting. It makes me worried they might not eat as much.

Kelsea, Thank you for your review! Just to keep you informed about the operation of the feeder; once you get the dog you simply need to put a tag on their collar and the feeder can remain in open mode. Whenever they are sensed to be approaching by the feeder the door will close and prevent access. So no need to switch the feeder over to closed mode if your cats respond better to open mode!
Useful but loud

These are VERY useful feeders for not only getting my cats on a regular feeding schedule, but also keeping the bully cat from eating the other one's expensive prescription food. The only complaint I have is how incredibly loud these things are! The cats were absolutely terrified of the noise at first and have since gotten over it, but I haven't yet. Otherwise, a great product.

Sarah, Thanks for your review! You may want to try switching your feeders to open mode if the noise is a problem for you. In open mode the door will only close at feeding time and when an unapproved pet approaches. This will minimize the number of times in a day that the door will have to open and close.
We love PortionPro Rx

I’ve had 2 PortionPro Rx for close to a year now and they are fantastic. I will never go back to using regular food bowls for my cats again. I have 2 cats, 15 & 2 years old. The older cat needed a higher calorie food to keep weight on and the younger one needs a much lower calorie food, she was getting pretty tubby. My vet recommended these feeders to keep meals separate and they have worked as promised. They thought of everything! Fat kitten can no longer steal my seniors food and has lost some weight, and my old guy has put some on. I also got a third tag for my dogs collar so she can’t steal cat food either, for the first time in years I no longer have cats eating their food from the tabletops. Very simple to program, durable, easy to clean and maintain. The cost is well worth the peace of mind they provide to me. Buy this product!

Additional RFID Tag


I love these feeders. I have three felines all different ages so these feeders help with portion control as well as keeping my cats on their own food. Thanks for creating such a purposeful product

Magic Box

I bought this feeder over a month ago to protect the food my cat eats. When my nieces and nephews are over they can no longer get into the cats food. It took only a few days for Zella to get used to a collar and the feeder, but now I don't know why we didn't buy this sooner.