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PortionPro Rx Smart Pet Feeder for perfectly fed, chaos-free
PortionPro Rx Portion Control Pet Feeder for Overall Healthier Pets - 1 year warranty
PortionPro Rx Prevent Food Stealing Pet Feeder, Perfect for Multi-Pet Households
PortionPro Rx Automatic Pet Feeder for cats and dogs to Prevent and Reverse Obesity
PortionPro Rx Unique Pet Feeder LCD set up

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

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Included with every feeder: 1 RFID Tag, Power Supply, Food Bin and Lid, Food Bowl, Food Belt.
  • Keeps your pets healthier by controlling portions and keeping their weight under control.
  • Saves money by not overfeeding and avoiding expensive vet bills related to overweight pets.
  • Patented RFID system controls access to the food within multi-pet households.
  • Set it and forget it! No more worrying about mealtimes.
  • Automatically measures and serves meals in amounts and times that you set. 
  • Feeds as little as 1/2 cup all the way up to 6 cups per day.
  • Divides the daily amount into 2, 3, 4, or 6 meals.
  • Bin holds 30 cups of dry kibble.
  • Removable ceramic coated steel bowl for easy cleaning. 

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1 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Great Product

I have three cats that eat different food and are different sizes. These machines are great. It did not take long to train the cats to use them and they all know which one is theirs. However, I do wish they were a little quieter.

To loud

I like that there is special access to the food. It will work perfect when I get my dog. The one thing is that the door is very loud. It scares my cats to where they do not want to go near it. I have to constantly on the open setting right now because it is just them. But when i get my dog it’ll have to be on the closed setting. It makes me worried they might not eat as much.

Kelsea, Thank you for your review! Just to keep you informed about the operation of the feeder; once you get the dog you simply need to put a tag on their collar and the feeder can remain in open mode. Whenever they are sensed to be approaching by the feeder the door will close and prevent access. So no need to switch the feeder over to closed mode if your cats respond better to open mode!
Useful but loud

These are VERY useful feeders for not only getting my cats on a regular feeding schedule, but also keeping the bully cat from eating the other one's expensive prescription food. The only complaint I have is how incredibly loud these things are! The cats were absolutely terrified of the noise at first and have since gotten over it, but I haven't yet. Otherwise, a great product.

Sarah, Thanks for your review! You may want to try switching your feeders to open mode if the noise is a problem for you. In open mode the door will only close at feeding time and when an unapproved pet approaches. This will minimize the number of times in a day that the door will have to open and close.
Magic Box

I bought this feeder over a month ago to protect the food my cat eats. When my nieces and nephews are over they can no longer get into the cats food. It took only a few days for Zella to get used to a collar and the feeder, but now I don't know why we didn't buy this sooner.

Pretty good

The feeder is not bad but not great. The reason I chose this feeder over other RFID feeders is the ability to deny access to a cat. The issue I have is the potential for the bowl to overfill and jam the door; not entirely sure how to remedy this though. The only thing I can think of is to put a cutoff sensor or something on the door, but that would open things to some other issues in design and functionality. I've only had the feeder running for a few days, so it's been interesting to help my cats figure out which one is theirs to eat. They're also in the process of not being fed strictly once in the morning and once in the evening. I may have to rewrite/redo this review in the future with an update on the situation if possible.

The reason I needed an automatic feeder is because my old man vomits a lot (probably GI lymphoma instead of IBDD because he is losing weight), and I wanted to give him a free feed option with smaller meals with hopes that he can keep his food down better. He's 25, so euthanasia is an option, but I'm not willing to do it if I can maintain quality of life. The other cat is 9, and while skiddish, he is a glutton. The mechanical movements scare him, so I am in the process of desensitizing him to it. It's been a lot of work because they usually don't wear collars. One suggestion I might add (if this is a veterinarian recommended product) is to look at the possibility of an injectable RFID like the ID microchips (pretty much the same thing).

As per credentials, I am currently a third year vet student at VMRCVM.

Thank you for your review Saravuth.

I wanted to address some of your feedback

-When it comes to the bowl overfilling we do actually have a way of determining when it is at full capacity which alerts the pet owner and also stops all feedings until the bowl is no longer full. Also, with the bowl having a 2 cup capacity, depending how much you were feeding, it can take several days of a pet not eating at all for the bowl to be filled (i.e. feeding a cat 1/2C per day would take 4 full days of the cat not eating at all for the bowl to be filled) and if that is the case the owner is likely feeding too much food or the pet is experiencing a medical issue which should be addressed with your veterinarian.

-As far as the use of an inserted microchip versus our RFID tag goes we find that for our stealing prevention system to properly work that the feeder needs to be able to sense an approaching pet and react before they arrive at the feeder. The microchips work using a passive RFID system which requires a device to bounce a signal off the chip and then receive the returned signal (much like echolocation). Feeders that run off this system only have a few inch range and therefore don't react until the pet is already stealing food. With our active RFID tag the PortionPro Rx can sense an animal approximately 2 feet away and react accordingly to completely stop food stealing.

I hope this addresses your concerns!