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PortionPro Rx Additional RFID Tag
Additional RFID Tag
Additional RFID Tag

Additional RFID Tag

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Get FREE shipping on tags when purchased with a PortionPro Rx Feeder.

All feeders include one tag.

We recommend each pet in the home wear a tag. Reach out via chat, or email for more information.

  • Patented RFID system communicates with the PortionPro Rx automatic pet feeder to control food access for dogs and cats in the home.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Water resistant up to 3 feet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Wonderful Product

This feeder was recommended by my vet as one of my cats was a grazer and the other would eat his food. With this system it helped the one underweight kitty gain a little weight and the other have a healthy not over weight body. The main thing was that although I am not typically a "free feeder" the one cat needed to gain some weight and eat whenever he wanted so that was the main reason I bought the unit so that at night the skinny cat could get some food. Also if you have any questions or need assistance with the feeder the company has very nice helpful people in customer service!

An absolutely amazing product with service that’s truly unmatched.

An absolutely amazing product with service that’s truly unmatched. There is simply no reason not to buy the portionpro rx.

For Beanie who likes to “graze” rather than eat all at once & goes from Kitty Jeckle to Kitty Hyde if he doesn’t have access to his food, portionpro rx has been a miracle. He’s now happy & loving 24/7. Mr Waggles & Kailash can no longer steal Beanie’s food. And fatty Kailash is slowly shedding her excess weight; she’s now more active & affectionate. That makes for a healthier Kitty with less visits to the vet.

Dr Hexter - part of the executive team - & his wife Kim, along with Warren in marketing & support, give new meaning to customer service. How about they literally drop everything to immediately address your needs/concerns.
Just stop hesitating and buy this fantastic product.

Very happy & glad I purchased this

During the time I've owned it, approx 7 months. I've only had a few issues but customer service has been great. I hope it will continue working for many more years to come.

Very happy with PortionPro!

Our girl lost weight and she is not chubby anymore!

Portion pro

We love our portion pro. The only thing I don’t like is not being able to only have one feeding a day. Our older cat who uses it, never finishes both portions, so I have to remove some every day to keep it from over filling. He would be fine with 1 half cup serving a day. Maybe give that option in the future.

Bryan Dansdill