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PortionPro Rx Additional RFID Tag
Additional RFID Tag
Additional RFID Tag

Additional RFID Tag

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Get FREE shipping on tags when purchased with a PortionPro Rx Feeder.

All feeders include one tag.

We recommend each pet in the home wear a tag. Reach out via chat, or email for more information.

  • Patented RFID system communicates with the PortionPro Rx automatic pet feeder to control food access for dogs and cats in the home.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Water resistant up to 3 feet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Does what it says.

We've had it for about a month now. It works great. It does exactly what it says it's supposed to do. If I had to make the purchase again I would.

absolutely love this feeder!

Works really well! In a multicat house with 1 cat who likes to eat everyone else's food, this is a godsend to help keep his weight down and keep the weight on the others! Had a slight wiring issue to, so the feeder would suddenly turn off unpredictably. Customer service is great and they quickly sent me a replacement cord to see if that solved the problem (it seems to have)! Highly recommend this feeder!

works great!

Had to get 3 extra tags. Easy to set up, and lets the cats who are supposed get access to their food and keep the other out!

Multi animals, one solution

We have a very fat cat that is always going after the dogs food. This solved the biggest issue! He still gets dog food but a lot less and he has to work around the eating dogs. He only gets the crumbs.
Eventually we will buy one for him, but this works wonders!


Great product. I have three dogs and one with a weight problem.
I put the fob on the heavy dog and it solved having to be around while the others ate. The food is always available to the two dogs and the door closes when the heavy dog approaches. Works great!